Welcome to the Survey

More than ever, drivers across the globe are interested in the fuel economy of the vehicles they drive, and the vehicles they are considering driving. The price of fuel varies depending on location, but the one constant shared by everyone is the rising cost of it. This site was created to serve a number of purposes:

A driver may wonder whether the vehicle he or she is driving is getting the same range of fuel economy as other drivers with the same vehicle. If a large number of drivers participate in this survey, a driver will be able to compare based upon a few categories.

A driver may not have a method for keeping track of his or her fuel economy. By participating in this survey, a driver can view the data for each fill-up, the calculated economy and the amount of money spent on fuel, and the amount of money spent as a function of distance traveled.

To participate, just register and start recording your data. If you don't wish to register at this time and would like to simply view the data, start here or here.

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